Financial Analysis

COVID-19 Cash Flow Forecast

This is a very difficult time for all businesses in Ireland. For many of them it is a question of survival. At this time, it is extremely important for every business to manage money efficiently. Particular attention should be paid to identifying potential cost savings and proper planning for future expenditures. Businesses may be affected …

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Management Accounts

You have probably heard the term “management accounts” before. But can you tell what it means exactly? Is it the same as financial statements or just accounts? What do they consist of and what are they used for? And finally, is it worth investing your time and money in preparing them on a regular basis? …

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Virtual CFO

Chief Financial Officer is one of the most important roles in a company. CFO is responsible for managing the finance function, providing financial forecasting, budgeting and analysis of business performance. The officer is also responsible for planning and leading the long-term financial strategy. What actually is a Virtual CFO? Many small businesses are in need …

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VIRTUAL FINANCE DIRECTOR / CFO analytical review and insights into their business performance

Cash Flow Forecast

Most businesses in the early stages of existence struggle with managing their cash flows. The fact is that majority of them fail because of these problems. You can avoid it easily by proper planning. This is called cash flow forecasting. What actually is a cash flow forecast? Cash flow forecast is a tool which helps …

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